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Q: If I book the cruise directly with the cruise line, does the person that helped me lose their commission?

A: No. The cruise lines pay their reservationists a small stipend per booking and they do not lose that when we take over the reservation. As long as you have not paid for your cruise in full and booked less thawn 30 days ago, WE CAN GET YOU OUR DISCOUNT. We recommend that you do not book it directly but rather have us book it once you know the exact ship, date and cabin and the price of your cruise.

Q: Do the cruise lines mind when you take over a booking made directly with them?

A: No. 95% of all cruises are handled through agents and they are happy to have us handle all the customer service issues that arise. The practice of converting direct bookings is very common in the cruise travel industry.

Q: Will the cruise lines acknowledge that you are a reputable agency?

A: Absolutely! The cruise lines will be happy to verify our status as a premier cruise agency!

Q: If the price of the cruise I book comes down after I book it, can you still get me the new lower rate?

A: In most cases, YES. If the cruise lines allow it, which they ALWAYS do prior to the final payment date and often do even closer to the sailing.

Q: Can I still save if I book through Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz or another agency?

A: No. Those agencies and most others will all give the exact same rate as the cruise line directly and we cannot discount another agencies bookings. So, you can use them to help research your cruise but if you book it through them, you will have to pay their full rate.

Q: What about travel/trip cancellation insurance?

A: You can get the cruise lines insurance or in most cases, we can get you the same policy for LESS. Click here for more information about insurance.>

Q : Do you book airlines and other kinds of travel?

A: We can quote you the air package directly from the cruise line but air is not discountable. You can also search for and book separate air, hotel and car rentals directly by clicking here .

Q: Can you discount a group cruise also?

A: Yes! A group is usually considered 8 or more cabins and we will get you the best group rates and all the free perks that the cruise lines offer to groups PLUS we will get you the additional discount! Since most cruise lines won't work with individuals for groups, you must call us first to arrange your group.

Q: I book directly with the cruise line because I know my booking and my money is safe. How can I be sure if I allow My Cruise Club to take over the booking?

A: First, when we take your payment, your credit card is NOT charged by us. We simply call in your payment to the cruise line for you. If you like, we can call the cruise line with you on the phone with us and you can give your payment directly to them! We will be on the phone with you to instruct the cruise line how much to discount your cruise!

Q: Are there any extra fees or different policies of any kind when I turn over my booking to you?

A: No. None. Ever. Deposits, courtesy holds, cancellation policies, EVERYTHING is exactly the same as the cruise line you are booked with. ALL WE DO is share our commission with you in return for your researching the cruise yourself. That's the ONLY difference between booking with us vs. the cruise line themselves.

Q: I have never cruised before. What if I have specific questions about a specific cruise lines policies and other general questions about cruising?

A: Click the "frequently asked questions" below to see a vast array of very helpful answers to just about any question you might have! You can also call us 7 days a week and we will assist! Plus, each cruise line has a frequently asked questions page. A full listing can be found here.

Q: I know I need a passport or birth certificate to cruise. If I don't have either, how can I get one in a hurry?

A: There are good websites to assist you with both. Click here for fast passports and here for birth certificates.

Q: Is there any information about the Cruise Lines private islands?

A: There sure is. Click here and see our page for Royal Caribbeans private island, Labadee. Click here to see the page for CocoCay, Bahamas.

Q: Is there information about the childrens' programs on Carnival and Royal Caribbean?

A: Yes! click here for Carnival's Camp Carnival program. Click here to get more information about the "Adventure Ocean" kids program on RCCL.

Q: I need information on handicap accessibility. Where can I find out what each cruise line has available?

A: Click here for some helpful information.

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